Why We Love Grants Pass Motels (And You Should Too!)

6 September 2017, Comments 0

No doubt Grants Pass is filled with beauty, culture, history, and adventure galore! Maybe you should plan your next visit over here and stay over at one of the much talked about grants pass motel, the Redwood Motel.

It is not for nothing that they say Grants Pass is the hub to some of the best sights in Southern Oregon. There is so much to see and do around the area. This is why you should set aside a couple of days to stay over at the Redwood Hyperion Suites as one of the most outstanding accommodation places before you set out to explore what else Grants Pass has to offer.

Attractions to Enjoy Nearby Grants Pass Lodging

Some of the favorite attractions include, the Hellgate Jetboat Excursions, rafting the Rogue River, Fishing at the Applegate River, hiking along Cave Creek, etc.

Hellgate Jetboat Excursions

Said to be the Northwest’s number one river trip is the Hellgate Jetboat Excursions. Over here you get to enjoy trips that range from 2 to 4 hours long along the beautiful Rogue River. What is more, you’ll be spoilt with brunch, lunch, and dinner trips to include a meal at the O.K Corral Restaurant if you choose to use one of these packages.

Rafting the Rogue

Experience the time of your life by splashing right into the Rogue River via a raft so that you may revel in the beauty and awesomeness of the picturesque landscapes and wildlife. You may even enjoy a stretch of calm waters, some wild white water, and more.

Fishing Adventures

The Rogue River is known for delivering 20-pounders, the kind that would get your arms and heart aching. Then again, you can knock yourself out and catch Coho salmon, Chinook, brown trout, steelhead, catfish, golden trout, cutthroat, and even sturgeon in the lower parts of the river. From October through November you’ll find a light run of Coho Salmon moving their way up the river. It is not uncommon to come across 8-pounders.

Fishers rave about the Applegate River this time of the year. It flows through the Applegate Valley in the Rogue River National Forest. Over here you’ll find different species of fish, such as the Chinook and silver salmon and steelhead. They make their way to the ocean from January 1 through March 31. The river is also open to trout fishing activities until December 31st. Salmon fishing is not available from April through December. So, you’ll have to wait until January.

Hiking Trails to Explore

Whether you are a first-timer or happen to be a more experienced hiker, you are in for a real treat if you set out to hike in Southern Oregon. You’ll run across gorgeous scenery and the unrivaled power of the Rogue River that will have you coming back for more.

One such trail that is totally worth it is the Cave Creek Trail that is not too far off from the famous Redwood Motel in Grants Pass. The trail itself runs along the Cave Creek and affords hikers with the opportunity to experience a pleasant walk between Cave Creek Campground and Oregon Caves National Monument. It would take you about one hour to walk down towards the Cave Creek when you start off from the Oregon Caves, and about two hours to walk back up.

Enjoy Nature at Its Best By Cycling

Whether you are game for more of a challenging ride or want something more leisurely, Grants Pass has a lot to offer regarding a variety of cycling trails. Besides, you simply cannot beat the scenery once you ride along the river, pedal through a row of trees, or wind your way around the mountains. You may want to check out the Bicycle Benefits Program if cycling is your primary mode of transportation.

Accommodation with a Difference in Grants Pass

Josephine County has a lot to offer travelers. There is such a broad variety of great motels options to make your selection from such as a full-service resort hotel, a cozy bed & breakfast, rustic lodging, a small garden inn retreat, and the Redwood Hyperion Suites of course.

Whatever your preferences are you will find it in Grants Pass. Come and see for yourself why some of the nearby attractions are favorites among returning visitors. If you are trying to find motels near me weekly rates redwood motel, they will help you out.

Just take the Redwood Motel that is neatly tucked among towering trees, award-winning gardens, and tranquil water features, right in the heart of Grants Pass, and you’ll soon discover why so many travelers rave about this motel that has recently been remodeled and expanded from the ground up. What is more, there is no shortage of choice due to the diverse variety of rooms and suites made available to accommodate your needs.

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