Who Should You Approach for Your Bend Video Production Needs?

16 March 2018
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16 March 2018, Comments 0

Bend Video Production specialists need to have the necessary skills and knowledge to empower them to advise you on the flow, style, and pace of your video production, as part of the planning process, or the pre-production stage.

However, no-one knows your company, products, and customer better than you. It is your video. Therefore, you should have the final say.

What should all be covered?

Content That Should Be Included
To keep your video informative and exciting, you’ll need additional content. Just having a basic talking head will not do much to retain your audience’s attention for long. The program you project should include cut-away shots of static images like diagrams and photos, and other related footages, so you may stand a better chance of capturing your audience and get more of a direct response.

Bend video production companies such as Novum Visuals will value high-resolution digital images of your products and people during the post-production stage. It is best to have these ready in advance as it helps to ensure your production does not get delayed later on.

In many cases, you may have previously recorded video, audio, etc., that you want to include, especially historic content. Ensure you chat about your requirement with your Bend video producing firm during the pre-production planning meeting so the relevant media can be successfully converted.

Which Shooting Locations are Best – The Studio or Business Premises?
While many corporate video footages are shot at business premises, there are times when other locations are necessary for production.

Let’s look at four of the most common locations:

1) Business premises are by far the best choice as you tend to have everything needed right at hand such as the showrooms, offices, and manufacturing facility as an ideal backdrop to stage the filming.

Ensure you find a suitable room that is quiet enough to accommodate presentations or interviews. Nothing is more distracting than trying to shoot footage in the corner of a noisy office.

Your video producing company in Bend would need to gain access to all nearby electrical sockets to power their cameras, light and other equipment.

2) A customer’s premises may turn out to be the best choice for shooting testimonials – especially if it’s about the products on display or the equipment supplied by your firm.

3) Public areas often require permission from the local authorities. Leave it to your Bend video producer who will know who to approach and how to negotiate a mutually agreeable arrangement without incurring license fees. There are some exceptions to the rule, where tight control over filming is operated.

4) Making use of Studio is yet another option as it is fully equipped with sound recording, lighting, a variety of backdrops, and so forth. It turns out to be the ideal spot for shooting corporate pieces where presentations, interviews, and camera use all comes together. The presenter can be filmed right in front of a green screen, which will allow the use of an alternative background imagery. Many video production companies in Bend either have their own studios or have access to one whenever the need arises.

Who Should You Use – Staff or Professional Person to Present?
Filming your staff while they are going about their standard daily duties where they either assist a customer or operate equipment is one thing.  But the question as to whom to appoint as your presenter is another thing. Often a keen employee, who may be used to staging the odd presentation, will fluff his or her lines amid deep frustration or fits of laughter.

Image result for video production locationThere is a huge difference between addressing what is perceived to be an invisible audience and presenting your product to seminar delegates while the camera is pointing at you. It is remarkable how supremely confident individuals start stuttering, develop a memory-loss, or find themselves under pressure when filmed.

For more information on Bend video production: novumvisuals.com/services/video-production/oregon/bend

Unless you have an experienced and confident member on board who is used to the whole presenting thing, you should rather leave it to a professional presenter. Unless, the speaking parts happen to be short and sweet, or the message needs to come from the CEO.

It is a wise move to appoint professional talent, whether it is a presenter, voice-over artist or actor. Why not discuss the various possibilities with your Bend video production agency, who would have connections with a good choice of freelancers.

Have a word with Novum Visuals / Bend video production by calling them on 541-218-7707 today.


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