The Shocking Revelation of Muzzle Brake

29 May 2018
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Anyone playing the HALO games will in all likelihood want to familiarize themselves with everything to do with rifles and what makes it tick. Soon they’ll discover that recoil compensators and muzzle brakes are devices fitted to the muzzle of a cannon or firearm to direct propellant gasses to counter the unwanted rising of the barrel and the recoil of the gun during rapid fire.

Muzzle brakes are particularly useful for competition shooting and combat, which is why you’ll find it on bolt action rifles, tank guns, and other artillery. You will find these on pistols too during competitions.

Hunting in big bear country in North America requires the use of a brake that will improve accuracy. Even more so if you happen to carry an express rifle, then your choices would mostly be ruled by the personal compatibility of the brake to the firearm you’re using.

One guy settled on a Browning Medallion .375 for which he decided to add some good glass optics to ensure he only needs one shot when he goes out hunting. His gunsmith handed him this finely tuned shooting piece for which he was eternally grateful.

One of the extras he insisted before leaving for his hunting trip was a high-quality 223 muzzle brake. There was no way that he was going to settle for the screw-on extension type brakes that you fit at the end of the barrel. All it does is make your shooting tube longer. As it is, the Browning already featured a 26-inch barrel, equipped with some backup iron sights. Something he wanted. However, there was no need to add more length.

At this point, the gunmaker, who specializes in all sorts of customizations, suggested our friend had his rifle fitted with a triple-port muzzle brake. Without any further ado, it was done, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing result that differed significantly from cumbersome tank-barrel like recoil arresters of other rifles that were fitted with screw-on brakes.

Needless to say, accuracy was above average and unaffected by the three precision ports thanks to Madhouse Design. Our friend was more than pleased. Generally, he would fire from a bench using a high powered rifle and utilize hearing protection and shooting glasses. However, when out in the field all your senses must be on high alert. Then again, fast shooting is required on a moment’s notice, which means you need to have high accuracy to ensure you do not get caught unawares when firing a shot at a grizzly or any other dangerous animal.

The last thing you want is to have trouble hearing when shooting at a game animal as you sort of shut down for the duration of the shot fired by you. In most cases, you’ll require a quick follow up just to be sure. On top of that, you’ll experience a sudden adrenaline surge that will sharpen your concentration even more at a critical moment when you need to get your shot right. With the triple-port brake design by Madhouse, it was an absolute breeze to be able to follow through as your hearing remains excellent and unaffected.

Top quality muzzle brakes on a .375 rifle together with a scope and some loaded ammo that weighs just over 8 pounds may be all you need to have a fabulous hunting experience that you’ll never forget.

Would You Say There Are a Lot of Noise Using a Muzzle Brake?

Some folks tend to disagree that using brakes tend to be too loud. It all depends on the quality of the brakes you are using and how close you are standing to your shooting partner. Say you are standing under a tinned roof while taking a shot, then you will definitely have some issues as the percussion waves would travel sideways while it reflects off the roof. In the open air, it is a different ballgame altogether as you will have little trouble making use of a muzzle brake. Besides, guys who can’t tolerate it should invest in a pair of good ear plugs.

We would say that it’s subjective how loud too loud is. Folks shouldn’t be scared off from using a brake just because of the blast they’ll experience. There are way more benefits than disadvantages to using these. If you are having trouble handling how your rifle kicks back, or you want less recoil, then brakes would be right down your alley.

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