Modern Ceiling Fans Are Great Additions to Any Home

30 May 2018
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30 May 2018, Comments 0

Ceiling fans were first invented in 1882 and have since then, experienced a long evolution in becoming popular fixtures in homes around the country. Ceiling fans require minimal energy and can be used all year. What is more, they offer simplicity, have a long life and can even be installed by newbies.

Ceiling fans, including the modern ceiling fan, have proven itself popular with families for two primary reasons:

  1. Fans are cheaper than air conditioners
  2. There are many designs and styles to take your pick from as you can find designs ranging from simple to elegant, which is useful in choosing the right ceiling fan for any room within a home.

Many people are not aware of the fact that ceiling fans can be used throughout the year. When they are used during the winter months with a heating system, these fans help push the warmer air down from the ceilings where the air naturally rises and then distribute the heat evenly all around the rooms. Thus, they prove to be functional and offer various savings in wintertime too.

More families are deciding to install ceiling fans themselves. No doubt, this is a great educational experience, and it cuts down on installment fees. They are not all that difficult to install, and this task can be performed by a novice.

These fans are made up of three major components:

  1. Blades
  2. Mounting compartment
  3. Motor with housing

With each relatively easy to install, they can be set up without having first to call a professional. The mounting proves to be the most challenging part so one should be aware of the different mounting options available when installing these.

When setting up your new fan, make sure you follow the detailed instructions from the manufacturer. If it is your first time to install a modern ceiling fan, it is highly suggested that you practice installing the blades before you secure the fan to the ceiling.

Follow all the instructions carefully and check with the manufacturer if any problems arise.

The evolution of ceiling fans took place with numerous advancements in technology. Aircon units have been steady competitors of these fans. In spite of the competition, they always stayed around because lower costs, energy efficiency and the great looks they provide.

Air conditioners provide an exceptional cooling effect in the rooms within one’s home. However, you are sure to run up your electric bill in no time.  It is even possible that you will damage the electric motor and compressors if they are left on for long periods. On the other hand, ceiling fans can be left on for more extended periods without damage to the fan or the electric bill.

The energy savings you will experience from a ceiling fan cannot be overstated. Most of them utilize energy that is equivalent to that of a 100-watt light bulb.

The main advantage they offer in the winter is the distribution of heat, and massive savings offered during all seasons of the year.

Certain modern ceiling fans offer even greater savings benefits as they produce more air that is circulated with this style of fans. These fans are said to be attractive yet efficient and can save approximately 60% more in utility bills in comparison to regular ceiling mounted fans.

Regardless of the fan, you choose for your home; they will undoubtedly offer both savings for your wallet as well as assurances of comfort that only these fans can bring.

There are all sorts of things one need to think about before installing a ceiling fan in a home. Some of the things would include safety, when it will be used, how it will be used and how others would react to it. By thinking things over before putting any money down, your modern fan can be one of the best purchases any homeowner can make.

When contemplating how you should go about installing modern-day ceiling fans in a home, it is wise to consider this mission carefully. Even though ceiling fans are quite safe, some people may feel uneasy to sit or sleep under twirling blades. A ceiling fan can also be impractical over tables where people eat.

High-quality ceiling fans can be installed in virtually any room in your home. One popular option is the bedroom. These fans are good at keeping your evening cool without incurring the costs, and potential health hazards of sleeping with the AC cranked way up. Besides, more sensitive people may be bothered by the sounds they make.

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