Carpet Cleaning Grants Pass Oregon Tips On Ending Dog Messes on Your Carpets

30 May 2018
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30 May 2018, Comments 0

Summer is here and your furry friend, who is sometimes downright filthy from playing outside just bounced on your clean carpets to greet you with a friendly wag of his tail. Sure, we love our four-legged friends more than anything in the world. After all, they are part of our family, right?

But, hey they sure know how to make a mess. Wouldn’t it be nice just to wave a magic wand to make the pet stains all disappear? At times, we have no choice but to hire carpet cleaning Grants Pass, OR specialists to save the day.

Isn’t there another way to get pet stains out of your carpets. Also, how do your remove odors and even get your car upholstery clean once your pet had the privilege of accompanying you somewhere?

Follow along with us as we find out how one should keep your favorite mess-maker from making matters worse by using the best floor cleaners.

Accidents Do Happen

You are a pet owner who experienced what it’s like to get stained carpets from an unforeseen accident by your furry friend.

Have you heard of Pure Power Urine Eliminator? It is a pro-enzymatic formula that eats into the bacteria commonly found in urine, feces, vomit, blood, and more, It truly does the dirty work for you. All you do is clean up any excess solids or liquids, then spray the remaining mess with this formula, cover it up using a damp paper towel overnight, and see the magic happens.

But, wait! Your job is not finished. You need to follow up with FlexClean All-In-One Floor Cleaner to bring about the extraction process that would deep clean any remaining mess from your sealed hard floors and carpeting. It is suggested you fill your clean water tank using hot water and the All-in-One Pet concentrated Floor Cleaner for improved results.

One more thing, April showers and May flowers bring along with it plenty of muddy paw prints all throughout your house. But, hey! You cannot blame your four-legged friend as dogs and muds are made for each other, right?

That is why you will love Pure Power Spot & Stain Remover, which is ideal for treating mud messes as they happen. It is a versatile spray that removes mud and tough ground-in-stains that’s free from bad bacteria that may harm kids and pets.

Use some Portable Spot Cleaner to clean up those muddy paw prints, Not only is it lightweight, but the powerful suction together with the motorized brush will do the trick just fine.

What if there are bigger mud messes? We are talking about the ones when your labrador comes back looking like chocolate when that is not his color. In this case, you will do fine with the cleaning power produced by the Pro-Deep Carpet Cleaner that is equipped with a Motorized Upholstery Tool. Put it to work and clean up bigger mud messes with ease. You just have to maneuver this machine back and forth over the big muddy mess to tackle the spots. Pair it with a powerful Pet Carpet Cleaner.

Why the EPA Recommends an Annual Deep Carpet Cleaning Venture?

The muddy tracks from your pooch may originate from outdoors, But, what about the stains that are already embedded in your carpets? Most household dust seems to be a combo of human skin cells, dirt, and pet dander. This is the primary reason why the EPA suggests an annual deep, wet extraction carpet cleaning to help improve the air quality inside your home.

As much as 31% of American pet owners never deep clean or shampoo their carpets. Yikes! If that is you, do not despair. Make use of reputed carpet cleaning professionals who make use of the best hot water extraction carpet cleaning machines. These machines have an amazing 75% more suction than upright carpet cleaners, and other DIY carpet cleaners have. They sure pack a punch to rid your carpets from pet dander fast.

What about pet messes that are so deeply ingrained that they might as well be part of the carpeting’s DNA? Not to worry, your expert carpet cleaners like Elite Carpet Techs company will use their powerful motorized brush to extract embedded pet mess particles, coffee spots, wine spills, and more without too much of a sweat.

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